this place is terrible and for some reason its like way hotter inside my apartment than it is outside!?!? WHAT HELL HAVE I ENTERED 

also idk why tumblr fucked up the quality of this? but its not an important enough drawing for me to bother fixing

and now how you’ve repaid me…
denied me and betrayed me………………….whore 

Hello I have moved

My desktop got fucked up somehow and I had to wipe it and lose all my art that wasn’t saved in other places (most of it) so I’m kinda pissed. At least I got my tablet drivers to work though

i’m bringing old bay with me actually but it won’t really be the same….my precious maryland….GOODBYE……

while I was at sungwon’s I played through paper mario 2 just cuz I wanted to and I decided to try the pit of 100 trials, which I’d never really attempted before

IT WAS SO ASTONISHINGLY TAXING ON MY BODY AND SOUL…. I miraculously managed to beat it, but only barely. I think by the end all my partners were either dead or at less than 5HP, sorry guys

sorry I haven’t been posting a whole lot!! I’m in Michigan and I’ve been really busy doing real life things! like getting a job!!! and now that I have accepted an offer I have to spend this week planning my permanent move to MI but I have a lot of free time this week too so I’ll try to post some stuff soon

god help me be strong in these hard times 

i can’t believe piper is still so annoying

also the evolution of my hair as I accepted it as the curly mess it is

also this is my personal story i don’t care how you personally feel about makeup ok 

I didn’t know how to word this not awkwardly. applying for jobs is getting me down

I don’t get how millennials are always pegged as “entitled” for just wanting a fucking income, yet people who want entry level employees to have 5+ years of experience aren’t. 

(this was done on my old tablet cuz my current one is at my apartment and i am home! good thing it was still here.)