and this one 

and this one 

trying to catch up on inktobers but I didn’t do em every day this week. here are a few quick ones 

i’ve been doing inktober drawings I just am neglectful about posting them ;o; scanning is just so much…

inktober #11 - a self portrait of me getting to sleep in this morning 

(I forgot to do one yesterday whoops) 

and today’s - prancess patch 

yesterdays inktober that i didn’t post b/c her face is kinda scary but its ok im postin it now

probably no inktober drawing today because I am exhausted but I will probably do two tomorrow to make up for it. sorry friends 

inktober day 6 - two messily drawn ladies 

inktober 5.2/bonus - a cat burglar 

inktober day 5: devil child